Revenue allocation formulae

Allocation formulae and criteria between 1946 and 1979, there were eight of such a large number of studies have been conducted on fiscal federalism and revenue allocation both in the developed and developing countries however, the focus of. Historical revenue allocation outline of the money is distributed according to the principle of derivation and the remainder is distributed under a formula which was designed to take into account population as a broad indicator of need and the balanced development of the. Agitations for a more equitable revenue sharing formula have been a thorny issue in nigeria this perhaps, propelled the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission (rmafc) to carry out a nationwide sensitisation programme recently currently, the revenue sharing allocation formula is: 5268 per cent for the federal government, 2672. Revising nigeria's revenue allocation formula - aftermath of a supreme court ruling by mobolaji e aluko, phd burtonsville, md, usa 1 the concern about the 2002 budget. Revenue allocation formula in nigeria introduction prior to the discovery of oil in nigeria, other sectors of the economy thrived agriculture. These reviews were carried out by eight ad-hoc revenue allocation commissions, viz: philipson commission (1946), chick's guided by the desire to depart from the narrow and transient objective of devising populist revenue sharing formulae, inaugurated the then national revenue. The federation account allocation committee (faac) meeting where repre ssentatives of the three tiers of government gathered to distribute accruals from the consolidated revenue fund (crf) for the month of february yesterday ended in a stalemate as members of the committee rejected the revenue.

Fiscal federalism in nigeria: implication for growth this paper examines growth evidence of federal government allocation share the revenue allocation formula in nigeria should not be reviewed in favour of the state governments. Commission on revenue allocation process of approving the formula by parliament 5 article 217 - on division of revenue senate. Midweek essay: january 26, 2005 _____ introduction ever since the aboyade commission was empanelled by then military ruler general olusegun obasanjo in 1977, the revenue allocation formula for nigeria has been going through a number of contortions under various federal governments (see table 1 below. The 1999 constitution confers on the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission (rmafc) the power to review from time to time, the revenue allocation formulae and principles in operation to ensure conformity with changing realities provided that any revenue formula which has been accepted by an act of the. Furthermore, the commission had in august, 2001, reviewed the revenue allocation formula and submitted its report and recommendations to president olusegun obasanjo.

Me how this revenue allocation formula can ever allow peace and stability in any country, not just in nigeria, which already they say is an artificial creation and let me tell you that in the event of the breakup of this country, ilorin and offa will remain 100 % northern. In an effort to find an acceptable formula for sharing of revenue in nigeria so far, the general principle on which the revenue allocation in nigeria have been based are even or balanced development, equality or minimum responsibility of the government. Everest amaefule, abuja the revenue mobilisation allocation and fiscal commission on monday came close to confirming the punch's exclusive report.

Revenue allocation is the distribution or division of total income, or revenue, in a business, corporate or government structure it involves a complex process that entails how and where to allocate. Formula allocation procedure _____ summary of policy the formula allocation procedure (fap) is used to adopted an allocation formula for state and federal transit subsidies for mt a allocates st a revenue share funds to the mt a and municipal operators according. The senate on thursday declared that the current revenue allocation formula is unconstitutional because it came into force before the introduction.

Commission on revenue allocation promoting an equitable society home about cra cra overview commissioners management divisions information recommended county revenue laws revenue allocation formula revenue allocation formula ca i = 045pn i. Recommendation on sharing of revenue for financial year 2018/19 pursuant to article 216 (1)(a) of the constitution of kenya 2010, the commission on revenue allocation is mandated to make recommendations concerning the basis for equitable sharing of revenue raised by the national government between national and county governments.

Revenue allocation formulae

revenue allocation formulae Revenue allocation formula in nigeria pre-independence - download as text file (txt), pdf file (pdf) or read online.

John ameh, abuja an ad hoc committee of the house of representatives on friday described the current revenue allocation formula in the country as.

  • Keywords: budget allocation demand-driven formula resource-constrained formula states in the west topped distribution figures when the formula relied on a percentage of local general revenue(18) furthermore, allocation formulas frequently require census data however.
  • International journal of accounting research vol 2, no 7, 2015 publisher: zarsmi, uae, and regent business school, south africa 14 state governors and revenue allocation formula in nigeria: a case of the fourth republic.
  • This bill would, commencing tea formula means the tax equity allocation formula the amount of property tax revenue received pursuant to this chapter in excess of the amount allocated for the 2009-10 fiscal year by all special districts that are governed by the city council of.

Paragraph (a) of proposed rule 610 under regulation nms would establish access standards for two types of market centers b revenue allocation formula at the nms hearing. 1 chapter one introduction revenue allocation in nigeria has been one of the most intractable and controversial issues particularly, the `principle of derivation' has been highly contentious in the country's fiscal federalism since oil discovery in 1958. I want some political geeks in the forum to educate me on some revenue allocation formulas that could be generally accepted by the nigeria the best revenue allocation formula should be good to go based on certain factors like i don't think any revenue formula will work. Nigeria: revenue sharing: what will the new formula offer tweet the commission is also charged with periodic review of the revenue allocation formulae and principles in operation in order to ensure conformity with changing realities and recommendations of its findings by a. Public policy and administration research home search current issue back issues announcements full list of journals migrate a journal babatunde fashola have thus proposed a new revenue allocation formula that will checkmate the excessiveness of the federal government in terms of.

revenue allocation formulae Revenue allocation formula in nigeria pre-independence - download as text file (txt), pdf file (pdf) or read online. revenue allocation formulae Revenue allocation formula in nigeria pre-independence - download as text file (txt), pdf file (pdf) or read online. revenue allocation formulae Revenue allocation formula in nigeria pre-independence - download as text file (txt), pdf file (pdf) or read online.
Revenue allocation formulae
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